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Allowed Image Hosts - UPDATED Feb 3rd 2018

Discussion in 'Rules & Site News' started by WilliamTeller, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. S-type

    S-type Manager Staff Member

    I've removed imagebam and imgbox from the approved list. No point adding more content that will be deleted on 30 June!
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  2. boomhot123

    boomhot123 Member

    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 17, 2017
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  3. S-type

    S-type Manager Staff Member

    Imagebam and imgbox restored.
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  4. TheDudee

    TheDudee Member

    Imagetwist has tons of fake virus popups when accessing it on mobile. See the lexnai thread for the image that led to this realization.
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  5. starletfan

    starletfan Member

    I've not been using them lately, because of that and many other issues. :(
  6. S-type

    S-type Manager Staff Member

    Mobiles are the least protected devices around for browsing the web, and are not recommended for serious users for that reason!
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  7. S-type

    S-type Manager Staff Member removed from approved list.
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  8. boomhot123

    boomhot123 Member

    Dead Host - Closed on 1st Feb 2018
  9. LeRoyS

    LeRoyS Member

    would be nice to see imagetwist replaced with something that could be downloaded with BID or ImageHost Grabber because right now you can only download image sets from imagetwist using Download from, Download from, Download from, or some other which unless you purchase their downloader there are time limits involved before you can download again.
    And there are a majority of image sets using imagetwist it is almost not worthy of downloading anything from this site any more.
  10. starletfan

    starletfan Member

    I download from imagetwist with BID. Try signing up for a free account with them and be logged in when you download.
    I'd like to see a replacement for imgChili. Their demise is why you see so much imagetwist now.
  11. qwz75

    qwz75 Global Moderator Staff Member

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  12. Lexx Diamond

    Lexx Diamond New Member

    I would like to post a set that didn't see posted yet using . I did a search for the host in this thread but it never came up. Would someone please let me know if that host is acceptable? I view pics with no problem from that host via Firefox while running NoScript and Ublock Origin add ons.
  13. SAN

    SAN Global Moderator Staff Member

    No you can't use it. The use of an imagehost from our approved list is mandatory
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  14. Lexx Diamond

    Lexx Diamond New Member

    OK. I have been using imgbox since their debut. However, they have a 10mb image size limit. None of the hosts I know of that I know can host images larger than 10 are listed is why I asked. I want to post a set of a female and some of the pics are more than 10mbs. I have the set posted on other sites. I was just trying to contribute. Oh well back to lurking.
  15. S-type

    S-type Manager Staff Member

    Get yourself an image management system that facilitates reducing the filesize of images - some web sources seem to compress their images pretty inadequately!
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